Intervention with Success

Sometimes the road to recovery is not so clear to the person suffering from addiction or alcoholism. At New Start Recovery Solutions we utilize a caring and proven approach to drug intervention, resulting in a high recovery rate with dependent individuals. Recovery is a difficult road, at our dual diagnosis treatment centers in California, a single member of our team will work one-on-one with your friend or loved one once they make the decision to seek treatment.


What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is a well thought-out process and plan that can mean the difference between life and death for an addict or alcoholic in crisis. The purpose of the plan is to get your friend or loved one to the point where he or she will accept help and enter into a treatment program. An addiction intervention is a powerful tool, and they work more often than not. In California, we have East Bay, Walnut Creek, San Jose, and Sacramento rehabilitation centers that you can check into at any time.

How It Works

While every intervention is different, a typical intervention starts with a concerned love one calling us here at New Start. Our experience has taught us that each family and intervention is unique. We work very closely with the family and their loved ones providing pre-intervention counseling and planning for the intervention. Most families or groups who go through an intervention were not seeking that out initially. Usually, people are simply at the end of their rope and desperate to get back loved ones they are losing to addiction. While loved ones see the signs, the person who is abusing is not usually ready to admit they have a problem. That’s where intervention can come in, helping to remove barriers to treatment and give families a concrete plan for presenting the option to their loved ones in a calm, professional manner. Our multiple rehabilitation centers in California would love to help your loved ones make the necessary strides to a cleaner lifestyle.

Why Intervention?

The reason why intervention is because it serves to be a life-saving measure is because it is a process that can interrupt a potentially life-threatening addiction. Another reason why intervention could be an effective solution when a loved one is suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction is because an individual with this type of a problem will often become delusional; when an addict reaches this point, they may not have the ability to have any real insight into how serious their substance abuse problem has become

Our Treatment Options

Individual Family Intervention Treatment Planning Guided Intervention Group Intervention Employee Assistances


Addiction recovery is essential. If your loved one abuses drugs or alcohol, you may be unsure or hesitant about what to do or how you can help. You may clearly see the warning signs. It’s important to know you can make a difference, and it starts with understanding addiction and its warning signs. From there, you can learn what steps to take to help your loved one accept and embrace a better quality of life. New Start Recovery Solutions has East Bay, Walnut Creek, San Jose, and Sacramento rehabilitation centers for you and your loved ones to visit. Our rehabilitation centers in California will always put your best interests first. Contact us today about an intervention.