Break Addiction's Hold through Safe Detox

Don't let the fear of withdrawal keep you trapped in addiction. The compassionate staff from New Start Recovery Solutions helps you regain control of your life with access to our alcohol and drug detox programs. At all the treatment centers we offer drug rehabilitation in a warm and caring environment that gets you on the road to recovery the right way. We currently offer alcohol and drug rehab in San Jose, Sacramento, East Bay, and Walnut Creek.


Take Control

Drug addiction is a powerful disease, but if you are willing to seek help, you can take back your life. With our assistance, you can make it through the first step: detox. Detox can be a difficult and scary process, so we urge you not to try it at home or rush into a rapid detox. This is not something you need to do alone.

During the detox process, all the drugs will be removed from your body. This allows you to focus solely on healing once the process is complete, giving you the peace of mind and healthiness of spirit needed to face your addiction head-on. Whether you have been addicted for several days or many years, a safe, comfortable detox is the essential beginning to your recovery and you will find our rehabilitation centers in California to be a warm, welcoming place for a new start.

Medically Safe Detox

It is imperative that you don't try to detox on your own. Quitting certain drugs without medical supervision, especially benzos, can be dangerous or even life threatening. Fortunately, you can avoid excruciating withdrawal symptoms with a safe and medically supervised detox at our either our San Jose, East Bay, Walnut Creek or Sacramento rehabilitation centers. The trained staff gives you the help, strength, and immediate medical attention you need to handle serious withdrawal symptoms, such as:

Depression Suicidal Thoughts Anxiety Tremors Seizures Hallucinations Rapid Heartbeat Cardiac Arrest

Your Next Step

After you go through detox, the staff will develop a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan that helps you continue down the road to recovery. You will learn how to build and maintain a healthy, drug-free life through individualized therapy, relapse prevention, holistic therapies, and group counseling. You will find that our alcohol and drug rehab in San Jose, Sacramento, East Bay, and Walnut Creek is exactly what you need to get on the path to a healthier lifestyle.


Lasting Aftercare

To overcome addiction is to make a lifelong commitment. We help you achieve your goals by finding you potential places to live, giving you access to community support groups, and developing individual action plans. With the help of quality rehabilitation centers in California, mental health providers, and other resources, our team ensures you have a powerful support network to get you through each and every day. Contact us today to inquire about any of our San Jose, East Bay, Walnut Creek, or Sacramento rehabilitation centers.